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I felt very comfortable doing the breathing sessions with Stephanie. She was very present and empathetic accompanying me during my inner journey :) 

Yannis Diamant, Psychology Student

"I really enjoyed the breathing session with Stephanie. I did some other breathing sessions in the past but this one was different. It was a combination of beautiful music, guided breathing and perhaps a special energy that eventually caused "fireworks" in my brain (while my eyes were closed and covered, I had a sensation that all of my brain lit up and half of my hearing was replaced by a high pitch tone). This happened twice in the one-hour session and left me very relaxed. I had a feeling like the inside of my body was deeply cleansed."

Marko Arges, IT Specialist

"The breathing session was completely new for me! After only 2 sessions, I came across things from my past and those of my ancestors with Steffi, which gave me information about my asthma attacks. All of a sudden through these insights I felt an understanding as to how certain things shape us, big and whole, and the breathing problems vanished into thin air. I'm still attending sessions and I'm curious to see which other topics we will come across and thus solve ...! "

Mag. Christine M., Nutritionist, Human Design- Coach, Merkur Insurance

"For me, my first session was a huge success. Shortly before Christmas I was able to recharge a lot of energy. It was like an hour and a half roller coaster ride. I laughed, cried and through Stephi's gentle facilitation I was able to see many things clearly and in a different light."

Erik S. Project Management

I was with the wonderful yoga teacher Stephanie Smith from California at a yin yoga retreat with breathing sessions in the beautiful Strandhotel Weissensee in Carinthia the beginning of March 22 I and would love to go again immediately because it was incredibly good for me - I came back soo mega relaxed, completely refueled with energy and so happy and balanced - I can highly recommend this retreat if you are looking for deep relaxation, tranquility and spae to come to yourself - the wonderful nature (Weissensee, super beautiful! !) and in a vegan wellness hotel. As soon as I can, I will do another retreat with Stephanie! 

Veronika Fehlinger, MSc