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Classes & Offers

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Current Vinyasa Flow Yoga Classes:

Vinyasa Flow Yoga Beginner/Intermediate Class.    Via Zoom

Wednesdays 19:00 - 20:15 hr (CET)/ 10:00 – 11:15 am (PST)
Price: 12.-€/Single class, 50.-€ 5er Block, 80.-€/ 10er Block
Private Vinyasa Yoga Classes - to be booked personally :-)
Duration: 90 minutes    Price: 50.-€/single private class
To book a class or purchase Blocks, please contact me personally:
Dance-Yoga Workout 

Current Dance-Yoga Workout Classes:

There are no ongoing group classes at the moment. 
Private Dance-Yoga Workout Classes 
Duration: 90 minutes    Price: 50.-€/single private class
To book a private class, please contact me personally:
Yin Yoga

Current Yin Yoga Classes:

There are no ongoing group classes at the moment. 
Private Yin Yoga Classes 
Duration: 90 minutes    Price: 50.-€/single private class
Breath Therapy Session

Breath Therapy Sessions

Duration:  90 minutes

Price: 90.-€ single session

60.-€/session for clients booking multiple sessions

Please contact me personally to inquire about scheduling a breath therapy session:
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Energetic Transformation Session

Energetic Transformation Sessions can be done in-person or via distance in the comfort of your own home.

Depending on your personal situation and needs, you may need only 1 session or you may need support over a period of time. In order to assess your personal case, please contact me to discuss your needs and set up an assessment appointment, which can either take place personally or via telephone.

Energetic Transformation Assessment: 80.-€

Single Session in-person: 120.-€ (duration 2 hrs)

Distance session (overnight + follow-up session): 120.-€

Long-term support: price depends on your personal needs.

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OmSpiriTri Personalized Wellness Program

OmSpiriTri Personalized Wellness Programs may span from a 21-Day program up to 6-Months or even longer depending on your personal needs. At your assessment appointment, we will discuss your needs, evaluate your current health status and personal goals, and decide upon your program.

Assessment appointments can last about 1 hr.

Assessment Appointment price: 50.-€ 

Please contact me personally to set up an assessment appointment.

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Ecstatic and Fulfilling Group Facilitation

For groups from larger than 4 persons, I offer facilitation for entire evening programs, which can last up to 6-8 hours! These evening programs are a ton of fun and range from guided meditations either seated or lying down, as well as dynamic meditations, such as:  dance-trance meditations, Sufi-dance meditations, Osho Dynamic Meditations, Partner Meditations, and more...

So, maybe you would like to try another type of social gathering for your next "party"...

Please contact me to discuss such a program for your special gathering. 

Prices range from 300.-€ - 500.-€/ Evening depending on the extent of the program, the number of participants and location.

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