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Yoga & Meditation

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Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Vinyasa Flow Yoga stems from Ashtanga Yoga. It is quite "Yang", building strength and willpower. For those of you who are seeking an all-round work-out and flexibility technique in a meditative state - this style is perfect for you!

Dance-Yoga Workout 

The OmSpiriTri Dance-Yoga Workout is a mixture of movements, exercises and stretches from ballet, modern dance and vinyasa yoga. There is an emphasis on building core strength initially as well as including strengthening the feet and inner thighs. This work-out can be quite challenging, but is highly effective in sculpting the entire body. If you are sporty already and looking for the next level, this could be the right class for you!

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Pranayama & Meditation

In India, Pranayama & meditation are considered the most important elements of yoga. Pranayama are various breathing techniques, which have been developed by yogis and yoginis several thousand years ago to cleanse & activate internal energy lines (Nadis), enhance inner balance, enhance greater health and energy flow, and achieve higher states of consciousness. There are many forms of Pranayama stemming from various yogic traditions. I teach basic techniques, which are relatively simple and useful for anyone interested in experiencing greater inner peace and more energy.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is completely different from all other forms of yoga, originating from Kung Fu/ Martial Arts, yin yoga is a finely-tuned science - working with the fascia lines and meridians, thus becoming one of the most effective methods in enhancing flexibility and energy in the body. 


In my yin yoga classes, you will be gently guided through 90-minutes of deep relaxation, while being led through various yin yoga asanas or postures. These asanas are mainly done on the floor with the use of several props (pillows, bolsters, perhaps a blanket, etc).

Guided Meditations

One of my absolute favorite things to do is lead guided meditations for groups! 

There are so many different types of meditations, some of which are:

  • Creative Visualization Meditations ( including Yoga Nidra)

  • Body Scans for optimal health and recovery 

  • Working with the Light Meditations

  • Meditations for concentration and cognitive enhancement

  • Meditations for Relaxation 

  • Dynamic Meditations (Movement/Breathing/Sufi-based)

  • Intentional Meditations (Gratitude & Abundance, Forgiveness & Release, Manifestation of specific desires, natural Oxytocin enhancement meditation...etc.)

  • Meditations to Support Healing & Reprogram Cells

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