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Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Vinyasa Flow Yoga stems from Ashtanga Yoga. It is quite "Yang", building strength and willpower. For those of you who are seeking an all-round work-out and flexibility technique in a meditative state - this style is perfect for you!

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is completely different from all other forms of yoga, originating from Kung Fu/ Martial Arts, yin yoga is a finely-tuned science - working with the fascia lines and meridians, thus becoming one of the most effective methods in enhancing flexibility and energy in the body. 


In my yin yoga classes, you will be gently guided through 90-minutes of deep relaxation, while being led through various yin yoga asanas or postures. These asanas are mainly done on the floor with the use of several props (pillows, bolsters, perhaps a blanket, etc).

Yin Yoga Bananasana

Pranayama is referred to as "Maha Yoga" or main yoga. The breath is the bridge connecting our physical , energetic, mental, intuitive, and spiritual bodies. Through understanding and practicing these conscious breathing techniques, we are able to preserve and enhance our life-force energy, calm our minds, and tap into our autonomic nervous systems, influence our immune systems, increase our heart-rate variability, enhance heart-brain coherence, and stimulate the vagus nerve among other benefits...

Pranayama has helped me to discover and strengthen my inner stability, clarity and willpower. I practice daily in the mornings and evenings, and find this regular practice vital in living a healthy, balanced and conscious lifestyle. I absolutely LOVE teaching Pranayama classses!!!

Stephanie doing Pranayama in Weissensee, Austria
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Vinyasa Flow Yoga (30 min-intermediate flow)

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