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Mentoring Programs

Supporting Young Women in Stepping into their Power

OmSpiriTri Mentoring is very simple:

Via telephone conversations, I support you in understanding the deeper essence of your personal journey. I provide you with valuable insights, tools and guidance to help make your life experience more comprehensible and flow with greater ease.

Tools & Methods I use include, but are not limited to:


  • Breathing exercises

  • Yoga exercises

  • Guided Visualizaton / Meditations

  • Various Therapy Methods

  • I help you find solutions to meet your personal goals & desires

  • Personalized support with setting boundaries & standing up for your needs

Stephanie helped me to understand and be more aware of what I think and feel by starting to work on myself, my inner child and my believe sentences. By using her tools, Stephanie leads me into the direction of understanding myself and my difficulties more. From the first day I met Stephanie, I had a beautiful connection with her, which showed me that I can trust her. Every session is totally different and in the end I learn a lot of new ways to think different types of situations through. I got to know a few exercises to train my awareness and to work with my sacral chakra. Stephanie is a huge help in my process and to find my inner being. I am very thankful for her!

Amira, Massage Therapist, Austria

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