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Energetic Transformation

Image by kazuend

What is Energetic Transformation?

Each individual is born with their own innate healing power within themselves. In fact, our bodies are constantly repairing its cells and internal infrastructure without us even having to think about it! It is our natural state to live in divine wellness, but we come into our bodies with energetic ties (also called karmic ties), some of which must be "paid off", other parts might need recognition and / or OmSpiriTri tunes into a "spiritual guidance" which guides the process for each individual.

Because our natural state is to be in harmony, there is a deep desire to release such blockages and integrate aspects which might have become divided within us - thus allowing the energy to flow in our lives with more ease and entering our own authentic center of wellness.

If you are on a healing journey and would love to be supported in a multi-dimensional way, I would be more than happy to assist you! 

How do I work with my clients?

Step 1:
Preliminary Assessment Session

Step 2:
Formation of your personalized Energetic Transformation plan.

Step 3:
Working together during your transformational/healing process.

Step 4:
Check-in at the end of the agreed-upon period.
Assessment of progress and positive shifts in your life...
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