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About OmSpiriTri

OmSpiriTri is an organisation with a win-win-win sustainable business model focused on helping people evolve into their highest and most complete selves. OmSpiriTri offers personal therapeutic breath sessions & mentoring, yoga & pranayama classes, transformational retreats, and a myriad of helpful and highly-effective tools for helping people all over the world.

OmSpiriTri was founded in 2020 by Stephanie Smith with the intention of supporting the evolution of humanity on this planet, and creating more space for joy, love, and bliss to flow in the lives of each person she encounters.

What your membership supports

Your membership contribution supports the following projects:
  • OmSpiriTri Meditation Recordings (mp3s - to be freely accessible for all)
  • The OmSpiriTri Resource Library (Helpful tools for those seeking guidance, clarity and understanding themselves, including questionnaires and workbooks - freely accessible for all)
  • Pranayama Course Material Research & Development (currently up to 15 Modules)
  • Transformational Meditative Music & Live Concerts
  • OmSpiriTri Sponsorship Program (for therapeutic breath sessions for those in need but who cannot afford the full price - see "OmSpiriTri Sponsorship Program")
  • The OmSpiriTri Consciousness Center

What you receive by giving

  • -15% off all OmSpiriTri Courses & Private sessions
  • -10% off all OmSpiriTri Retreats
  • An OmSpiriTri T-shirt customised with your own personal intention you would like to manifest in your life or energy field:
    Example: "Empowered" or "Divinely Guided" or "Living in Love"

Membership Details

Your annual Membership is only 85.-€

Upon registering for your membership, you will be sent your personalized OmSpiriTri Membership T-shirt and a membership discount code which you can use to receive your discounts when purchasing services.
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