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OmSpiriTri Wellness Program

 Physical Training & Dietary Plans      

Mental & Emotional Support

Energetic Cleansing

What is the OmSpiriTri Personalized Wellness Program?


OmSpiriTri Personalized Wellness Programs are tailor-made holistic wellness programs created to fit your personal needs and enjoyed in the comfort of your own home! Most of you are familiar with what a personal trainer is – my wellness program offers not just physical training but also covers the emotional, mental, and energetic aspects of your transformation!


A unique approach to wellness: 

What makes the OmSpiriTri Wellness Program different from other fitness/wellness programs?


We are human beings – simpler and more complex than we realize.


Simple in the sense that our common basic needs are relatively straightforward: we all need to be heard, understood, accepted and loved; we each have a unique purpose in life, and we experience specific and unique challenges which help us grow and become more complete as conscious beings.


Complex in the sense that we are physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual individuals, and each of these complex aspects are interrelated with one another. In my program, each of these integral aspects are thoroughly addressed for maximum optimal transformation.


In this program, we address each aspect of being human:


Physical: Aerobic & anaerobic training, yoga, guided workouts. Facilitated dietary programs to help you reach your personal goals (sustainable and healthy weight loss program, guided detoxification program, diet for a "younger you" program).

Mental: Several forms of meditation, concentration exercises, imagination expansion, manifestation exercises, reprogramming of belief-systems, awareness exercises and more...

Emotional: Breath therapy exercises, trauma-release exercises, and someone you can talk to who is non-judgmental and empathetic to your feelings, desires and needs. During our “talking” sessions, I may pose specific questions to help you understand yourself in a deeper way. 

Spiritual: Meditation, being supported in making more time for yourself to have silent moments of meditation and/or prayer. Supporting you on your own spiritual path as you choose it to be for yourself.


Which modalities may be offered in your wellness program?


Depending on your personal needs, we may include a number of the following modalities into your program:

  • Physical Workouts 

  • Yoga (Vinyasa Flow Yoga & Yin Yoga)

  • Breath Therapy

  • Trauma-Release Sessions 

  • Energetic Healing Sessions 

  • Personalized Support Sessions​

  • Support with your eating habits and finding a diet that works for you

  • Personalized Meditations recorded for you based on your personal desires, goals and needs

  • Personalized downloadable PDF Journal sent via email


How do we get started? 

 To get started, click below to book a preliminary assessment appointment. At our assessment appointment, we will discuss your personal goals and create your own OmSpiriTri Personalized Wellness Program specific for you!

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